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Extra Height

Extra Length

Dressing Room

22" X 51" Window in wall between Dressing Room and Horse Area

Custom Logos

Drop Down Windows - 30' X 22'  c/w Drop Screen

Man Door windows

Rear Door windows

Hydraulic Brakes

Disk Brakes

Breakaway Brake Kits

Hydraulic/Electric Trailer Jack

Extra LED Interior Lights

Rear Bike Rack

Roof Bike Rack

Interior Bike Rack

Exterior Work Lights -LED, Halogen or Incandescent

TV Monitors

Back Up Lights and Horn

Ventilation Fans

Full Depth Stall Dividers - 36" Deep

Extra Man Doors

Step-Up Rear Loading

48" Wall Mats

Removable Head Divider


When is a list short and long at the same time?  When it’s a McBride trailers options list!  It is short because most of the features you would like to see are included as standard. It is long because it is only limited by your imagination!  So what is it to be?  A full length fully lit vanity mirror,  fold down make up table, built in generator, private & clean toilet, extra storage……..

Talk to us about YOUR options