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The Best of Both Worlds

The War of the Worlds has raged for a decade,
civilizations have fallen and empires have been
lost forever!

Well not quite, but the debate certainly continues!
Is Aluminum better OR Steel, when building a
quality horse trailer?

There are proponents from both sides who swear one is
better than the other.

But at McBride we believe that you can truly have the best of
both Worlds. Instead of stubbornly falling into one camp or
the other we did our research and believe we have struck a
balance that makes sense and produces a trailer that is strong,
economical to tow and can withstand the harsh Canadian climate
for many years of reliable service.

The fact is that you have to use three times the volume of Aluminum
to steel to get the same strength, so the weight savings are minimal.
Not only that, Aluminum welds are brittle and prone to stress cracking,
so we use steel where it matters - in the frame! Not just any old steel though,
we use Gatorshield tubing where possible and Galvanised steel, both are extremely
strong and resistant to rusting for ultimate longevity. Then, we use Aluminum for the skin to save weight and produce the quality of finish that makes a McBride a McBride! You can trust that whatever materials are the BEST to use, they WILL be used - Quality and safety without compromise - That’s McBride!

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