Our trailers have been completely redesigned for 2013

2013 McBride’s have really changed.


So, our web site has to change and the new site will be up soon.


All trailers will now be available in pre-painted white aluminum plus lots of other neat features


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for all the latest information

They are still built by “horse people” for “horse people”. They are “Made in Canada”, completely fabricated in our own manufacturing facility in Barrie, Ontario. That makes parts easily obtainable and affordable and, again, no middle man to make our products and parts outrageously expensive. All of our trailers are now fabricated from light weight galvanized “Gatorshield™” tubing and galvanized sheet steel with a full fiberglass roof. Fiberglass Roof - White or Silver

McBride Trailers has been in business since 1985 and is 100% Canadian!

“Our newest customer taking delivery of their custom trailer”!  (click here)










Some folks will say that an aluminum trailer is a better deal than a steel trailer. Truth of the matter is that there are pluses and minuses for both steel and aluminum. Steel rusts, aluminum corrodes and “Gatorshield™” tubing lasts for a very long time. “Gatorshield™” is salt spray tested for 2016 hours before showing any signs of rusting as opposed to 192 hours for G60 galvanized tube and 576 hours for hot dipped galvanized which is the standard that galvanizing is held to. That’s a whopping 10 times better than G60 and 3 times better than hot dipped. Steel does not fatigue like aluminum, especially the welds. Steel trailers weigh up to 20 percent more than aluminum trailers but they are 40 percent stronger. (more)


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